For far too long, there’s been a glaring schism between the Development and Operations teams in almost every organization.

Think of them as Iron Man and Captain America. While they share a common goal (shipping high-quality products to customers), they have clashing views and methodologies. Developers want to create as many features as fast as possible to satisfy the customers’ demand, but the Operations team wants to contain this practice since introducing features at a rapid pace could disrupt and topple the system.

Because of this great divide in objectives, DevOps was born.

Now, DevOps professionals are in demand everywhere. DevOps engineers earn an average of $116,000 per year because of their exceptional skills in shipping products with minimal errors. Not too shabby, eh?

If you want to learn what it takes to enter (and get certified) in this lucrative field, you can pick up the DevOps Certification Training Master Class Bundle, which is now on sale at the Mashable Shop for only $69.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s included:

DevOps Certification Training Course

This course is packed with lectures about the latest DevOps methodologies that can aid in automating a software development lifecycle. You’ll get to master everything from configuration management and continuous integration deployment to delivering and monitoring with DevOps tools including like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, and Nagios.

AWS SysOps Associate Certification Training

From migrating on-premise applications to controlling the flow of data, this jam-packed course will teach you about deploying, managing, and operating highly scalable systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You’ll learn (just about) everything about the AWS management console so you can enhance your ability to leverage its resources in the most efficient way.

Microsoft Azure Certification

Another cloud computing platform you’ll get to master is Microsoft Azure. In this course, you’ll learn how to create and manage infrastructure components in Azure, manage cloud and mobile service, implement web apps, storage, data services, and more.

Puppet Foundation Training Course

DevOps professionals often rely on Puppet to automate system administration as well as manage, deploy, and configure servers. This course is centered around making you proficient in the software so you can automate all your IT infrastructures.

Ansible Foundation Training

Another powerful automation platform is Ansible. It helps facilitate the stability and consistency of your IT environment. Designed for Ansible newbies, this course will get you to grips with how to install the software and create your own playbooks, manage cloud regions, and configure network devices with Linux and Windows.

Agile Scrum Master

It’s imperative for DevOps professionals to be adept at project management to ship things smarter and faster. This agile scrum training will give you deep insights into the revered project management methodology to help you lead teams, develop and deliver high-quality projects, and reach your organization’s bottom line.

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