How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account in 2020 Even When Phone Number and Email Is Changed: Facebook is no doubt a fun place to be especially when you have the perfect circle of friends, belong to the best groups, liked the most important pages on the platform. Have you sometimes go through your facebook profile and imagine how precious the account is to you.

Remembering also the fact that the account belongs to you alone is another thing of joy. How sweet does it feel to have a facebook account for several years without losing it either by forgetting the password, login email or phone number? That feeling of having a Facebook account of over 3,4,5-10 years is an amazing one.

In as much as you are happy about all the above-mentioned reasons, this feeling of happiness can vanish or denied you in just a few seconds if hackers pay you a courtesy visit.

Facebook is really an amazing platform but no matter how good a person or a thing maybe, there is always a bad experience you should expect.

Since your days or years of using Facebook, I’m sure you must have heard different reports of people who lost their favorite accounts to hackers. Not like they were careless with their login details or gave access to these hackers but still the hackers found their way into their account.

From hearing reports and complaints like this, you never believed that someday, you may be the next victim whose account would be hacked. Now it has happened and you are denied access to your favorite facebook account. You have no option than to look for solutions.

What Happens When My Facebook Account Is Hacked

When your Facebook account is hacked, you tend to lose all your owned groups and pages. You may be lucky if you made a friend or close relation an admin of that group or page, then they can easily go make your new facebook account an admin. But if you never did, then you are definitely going to lose all your owned pages and groups.

Your friends are also exposed to being scammed as some hackers go the extra mile to introduce businesses to your Facebook friends and if those friends don’t know that your account is hacked, they may end up falling prey to those hackers.

Once your Facebook account is hacked, you are left confused and most times frustrated, different thoughts run through your mind, your friends, your groups, your pages, your inbox messages, etc. The next thought that comes to your mind is how to recover the account. Questions like this are asked often by victims of hackers who got their facebook account hacked.

How to recover a hacked facebook account without email?

Most professional hackers, when they hack your facebook account, they don’t just change your name they also change your contact information such as registered phone number and email which will make it almost impossible for you to recover such an account.

Facebook account hacked and locked?

Sometimes when your account is hacked, you are automatically logged out from whichever device you are logged in. When this happens you are left confused and stranded.

How to recover facebook account without a phone number?

Many victims whom their facebook account was hacked got their contact information such as phone number and email changed to a different one probably that of the hackers own. And you would be wondering if there is a way to get back your precious facebook account even when the contact information is changed.

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account in 2020 Even When Phone Number and Email Is Changed?

I will be very brief with this guide, I will attach a video where I had a conversation with a victim who got his Facebook account hacked, and all contact information like email and phone number was changed by the hacker and yet he was still able to get his account back.

Procedures How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account in 2020 Even When Phone Number and Email Is Changed?

Step 1: Try to login into the account

Step 2: Click on the reset password tab. This action will ask you to provide your registered email or phone number

Step 3: Input your registered phone number or email. This action will bring up your profile (If the name is changed, the new name would be displayed). If the account does not come up, try using step 4 method

Step 4: Visit this link on your browser: On this page, you would be asked to confirm your identity with Facebook. You would also be shown the list of ID cards accepted by facebook.

Step 5: Submit a valid ID card. After you are done with step 5, play the below video for a full detailed explanation from a user who recently recovered his hacked account.

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